Treating Cancer Patients with Eye Disease

In this conversation, Dr. Olivia Lee and Dr. John Irvine discuss the collaboration between Doheny Eye Institute and City of Hope, consulting on graft-vs-host disease (GVHD) in patients suffering from symptoms that affect their eyesight.

Corneal Cross-Linking and its Potential Promise

A conversation with Dr. Benjamin Bert, and Doheny-UCLA clinical fellow, Dr. Arpine Barsegian about corneal collagen cross-linking, a breakthrough procedure for patients with thinning corneas.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Doheny

Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Doheny: Learn about AI as an emerging and exciting tool to aid in diagnosing ocular disease as well as its capabilities to link disease prevention, treatment and patient outcomes.

Ideal Candidates For Clinical Trials

A conversation about clinical trials with Dr. Alfredo Sadun. Patients in treatment often ask about participation in these drug tests. Dr. Sadun explains how doctors and researchers decide who makes a good candidate for a clinical trial, how to ensure a trial is legitimate, and the impact of clinical trial research on his own work throughout his career in neuro-ophthalmology.