Dr. Anne Coleman

A conversation with Dr. Anne Coleman of the Stein Eye Institute. Her work addresses issues faced by special populations, including children who visit the UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic, which she directs. Dr. Coleman is also focused on slowing the progression of macular degeneration, a disease which affects elderly patients.

Encore Edition

Hear two of our most-listened-to episodes in this one encore edition. First, Dr. Olivia Lee and Dr. Laura Vickers share insights from their mission to Mongolia, where they trained colleagues in corneal transplants. Plus, a conversation with Dr. Alfredo Sadun, about advances in gene therapy, and his on-going international research in the quest to cure Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy.

Janet DeMint

A conversation with Janet DeMint, director of the Ryan Initiative for Macular Research, a program of the Doheny Eye Institute. DeMint describes the impact the Initiative is having by bringing together scientists with expertise in ophthalmology, stem cell research, and a range of other specialties, resulting hundreds of millions of dollars of funding for interdisciplinary research to cure macular degeneration.

Dr. Kenneth Lu

A conversation with Dr. Kenneth Lu, a cataract surgeon, and founder of the Doheny Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference, helping innovators in vision care bring their ideas out of the lab and into the marketplace.

Dr. John Irvine

A conversation with Dr. John Irvine about topics and presenters featured at this year’s Doheny Days gathering, and the enduring relevance of Continuing Medical Education as critical to informing the work of ophthalmologists at the frontiers of research and patient care.

Dr. Monica Khitri

A conversation with Dr. Monica Khitri about treatment for the very youngest of children facing compromised vision and eye health challenges. Dr. Khitri discusses surgery options for infants, eyeglasses for toddlers, and her work guiding parents in making choices for their child’s eye care.