COVID-19, Research, and Healthcare

SriniVas Sadda, MD
President & Chief Scientific Officer
June 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are all witnessing rapid changes in our lives, our work, and our communities in response to COVID-19.  What is challenging for all of us, in many ways, is the lack of sufficient data.

At Doheny Eye Institute, data is everything; in our work, it is impossible to understand, interpret, or plan when there’s no data.  Now all of us face this reality, as the scope and impact of the coronavirus pandemic changes our economy, our lives, and our outlook in ways that are hard to predict.  We know what is happening today, but what will happen tomorrow?

Fortunately, the essential activities of our research continue in our labs as carefully as possible and in full compliance with the shutdown orders.  Some of our research can even be conducted remotely, using AI and other technology.  Our on-site researchers are being abundantly cautious and are using protective equipment.

For our patients, we continue to focus on sight-saving treatments.  For those with acute care needs we are keeping waiting room stays as short as possible, ensuring those common areas remain sparsely populated while also enforcing social distancing.  Patients who can delay treatment are meeting with their doctors on the phone or in video conferences.

Our friends should know that the threats to our progress are real as we navigate disruption in our work, our funding, and even our operations; but we remain determined to stay focused on our mission.

I am proud of the staff and faculty across Doheny for suggesting solutions and innovative ideas to meet the moment’s complexities.  Ingenuity and problem solving are foundational to the Doheny approach, and I am seeing those skills and values guide us as we face truly unique challenges to our vital work in vision science.

With most heartfelt gratitude for your sustaining support in these challenging times.


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