Doheny Research Reaches Quingdao Colleagues in Mandarin

SriniVas Sadda, MD

President & Chief Scientific Officer

In September, when Doheny’s Dr. Irena Tsui delivered a lecture in Mandarin to our colleagues at Quingdao Hospital at Nanjing University on the latest advances in fighting retinopathy of prematurity, I felt the legacy of our immediate past leader, Dr. Steven Ryan.

My colleague, Irena Tsui, grew up in the U.S., speaking mostly Mandarin at home with her parents. When she connects with past Doheny fellows who live and work in China, the communication takes on an added efficiency and meaning.

At Doheny, over many decades, Dr. Ryan cultivated and cared about sustaining strong international relationships in the quest to conquer eye disease. That tradition continues to define the culture at Doheny. So it was with great pleasure that I attended this talk and witnessed the engagement of our Chinese colleagues with the fresh data and ideas Dr. Tsui offered regarding the outcomes for these medically fragile babies, born sometimes as early as 23 or 24 weeks of gestational age.

In rapidly developing countries with much emerging technological capacity, serious study, curiosity and hard work is needed to incorporate state of the art practice.

As more babies survive premature delivery and are born with ophthalmologic and other health challenges, greater expertise is needed. Dr. Tsui delivered information about advances in injectable and laser treatment, answered questions, and served as an authentic ambassador of what Doheny brings to the world. I wanted to share this remarkable event with you, because it embodies the Doheny promise.


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