Gene Therapy, Gene Editing and Curing Eye Disease

SriniVas Sadda, MD

President & Chief Scientific Officer

I am happy to use this space to offer more information on gene therapy and gene editing, which I consider to be one of the most exciting frontiers in treating eye disease.

As featured here and on our Doheny Podcast Network, the work of Dr. Alfredo Sadun in treating patients with gene therapy is underway at Doheny, promising patients outcomes in improved vision that are revolutionary. The ability to identify and replace the function of imperfect genetic material has advanced our work in ways we could not have imagined when the Dohney Eye Institute was founded seventy years ago. Determined work and global collaboration have led to these critical breakthroughs.

Now, an even more precise treatment option is evolving, as scientists and clinicians explore and perfect gene editing. By literally splicing genes to remove damaged areas and replace them with healthy material, it may be possible to slow or halt disease progression or eliminate the cause of disease entirely.

This work at the cellular level, referred to as CRISPR, tackles disease in the DNA. I invite you to listen to the latest episode of the Doheny Podcast Network, where I talk more about this groundbreaking work and how Doheny is engaged in making these gene therapy and gene editing treatments viable.


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