Health Care: Continuity and Change

SriniVas Sadda, MD

President & Chief Scientific Officer

There is significant news about shifts in health care under the new Trump administration, so it is important to clarify that part of former President Obama’s health care legacy remains intact; and that remaining part affects our patients at Doheny.

The law known as MACRA, which re- defines how Medicare reimburses doctors, was written to strengthen Medicare access. MACRA went into effect January 1 and is fully expected to stay in place. That’s because the law ties physician reimbursement to quality, not to volume of patients served.
The quality care reimbursement model has generally appealed to lawmakers from both major parties: MACRA was drafted by a Republican Congress and signed by a Democratic president.

Also, while the shift in payment model under MACRA is new, the bill is largely a re-authorization of existing law, and many of its provisions are familiar to health care professionals and legislators.
It is true that Dr. Tom Price, the new U.S. Secretary for Health and Human Services, will review and implement the system with his own approach. Some aspects of delivery of services and reimbursements may be slowed. But I feel confident that cost containment of rising health care costs in this country will remain a priority, and MACRA will remain.

In this time of change, please know you have my assurance that Doheny doctors are committed to quality care, cutting-edge research and best practices every day. Our core mission never wavers; we are here to ensure eye health care.


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