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Doheny Eye Institute seeks to have the greatest impact on human eyesight by leading our field with groundbreaking research and superior education programs that inform clinical and surgical care. With your generosity our research is strengthened and the discovery of treatments and cures is accelerated. Every gift makes a difference. Please consider making a gift today.


Planned Giving

Delivery Instructions for Giving DTC Eligible Securities

Please use the instructions below to deliver all DTC eligible securities to Doheny’s account at Northern Trust:
Depository Trust Company: The Northern Trust Company
ATTN:  Trust Department
Participant Number 2669
Account Name: Doheny Eye Institute – Cash Clearing
Account Number 2687205
Account Reps: Matt Bradford
Email/Phone: / (602) 468-2526

Additional Checklist

  1. When making transfers please include your name, phone number and address.
  2. Please also include the following information:
      • Name of stock(s) transferred
      • Number of shares (or approximate value) you wish to give
      • Approximate date of transfer
      • Whether your gift is unrestricted or should be applied to a specific fund.
  3. Please also ask your broker to notify the Development Office by phone at (323) 342-7101 or by email at so that we may appropriately credit and acknowledge your generosity.

Donate a car


By donating your vehicle to Doheny Eye Institute you can help scientist advance research that may lead to treatments and cures for debilitating eye diseases.

We make it fast and easy to donate a vehicle and you may qualify for a tax deduction. Your vehicle donations have raised thousands for critical vision research!

Donate your car online or call 1-855-500-7433.