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The Doheny Image Reading and Research Lab’s (DIRRL) mission is to advance the field of ophthalmic imaging research and increase the value and utility of ophthalmic image interpretation in both research and clinical applications. This is done in large part by creating, validating, and deploying advanced interpretation methodologies in the conduct of clinical trials, as well as by mentoring and training the next generation of ophthalmologists. DIRRL’s drive for excellence in the ophthalmic field is seen with its wide range and number of publications in acclaimed journals and representation at top conferences.

DIRRL was created as an offshoot of the Doheny Image Reading Center (DIRC) to better address the growing need for high quality imaging, analysis, and research services with a focus on advancing the field of ophthalmology via research collaboration and education.

As a specialized entity, DIRRL has refined and deployed the expertise and tools previously established and developed by DIRC and the Doheny Image Analysis Laboratory (DIAL). DIRRL has taken on the mantle as the leader within its affiliated counterparts to carry on and promote Doheny’s strong educational mission and it will continue to train and host post-doctoral research fellows, as well as ophthalmology residents, fellows, and volunteers, from around the globe who have a passion for ophthalmic imaging research. These talented researchers undergo rigorous training and certification in image reading center grading procedures, and in turn are able to apply this expertise in support of DIRRL studies and research.

With the plethora of experience and expertise from this team of post-doctoral ophthalmology research fellows and associates, DIRRL is able to offer high quality, customizable services at a lower cost to discriminating clients who seek the state-of-the art in image analysis. From instrument and software validations to R&D of new analysis methodologies, analyses to support clinical trials (prospective earlier phase trials and post-hoc analyses of later phase trials), posterior segment research involving the retina to anterior segment research involving the cornea, lens, anterior chamber angle, and the ocular adnexa, the DIRRL team has comprehensive expertise in all areas of ophthalmic imaging research.