ARVO 2017

SriniVas Sadda, MD

Director, Artificial Intelligence
Professor of Ophthalmology, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

Ahead at ARVO: Inaugural India Forum

This year at ARVO we’ll convene the first-ever India Forum. The reasons for doing this now are grounded in a keen desire to further reinforce existing connections in India – both to make the most of our Doheny fellows network and on-going collaborations and to invite new opportunities for cooperation.

I believe Doheny’s ties to India matter more than ever today, because of enhanced opportunities to share data and because of the rising incidence of eye disease in India, in particular, diabetic retinopathy. These two factors make collaboration critical and imply that these relationships will only matter more in the future. The flow of information in both directions is priceless in helping us chase cures for blindness.
We’ll discuss all of this in Baltimore and, hopefully, refine and expand the agenda of this work. To illuminate the issues, I invited my colleague Dr. Chaitra Jayadev of Narayana Nethralaya University to join me on the Doheny Network Podcast this month. Please take a listen and hear for yourself just how important this work is.

Also at ARVO
Hot Topics with Dr. Jewel Hu and Muneeswar Gupta Nittala

Congratulations to Dr. Jewel Hu and Dr. Muneeswar Gupta Nittala! Both of their abstracts were selected by the ARVO Annual Meeting Program Committee as a “Hot Topic,” representing the newest and most innovative research in the field. This distinction is awarded to just over 2% of all 2017 Annual Meeting abstracts.

Dr. Hu will present her work developing algorithms to better detect areas of atrophy in the eye by taking better advantage of complementary information available in multiple imaging technologies. This should have important benefits for our ability to understand macular degeneration and to develop and evaluate new treatments.

Dr. Gupta Nittala will present his early findings in a trial injecting nervous system stem cells sub-retinally for patients with macular degeneration. This appears to show a slowing in the growth of lesions in the quadrant of the eye receiving the injection.


In April, we were delighted to receive word that our own Dr. Alex Huang ranked #1 among Ophthalmologist Magazine’s Power 100 for 2017.

Dr. Huang is a glaucoma specialist whose lab focuses on understanding the flow of fluids through the eye, in pursuit of improved diagnosis and treatment of disease. A dynamic speaker and respected researcher, Dr. Huang is the recipient of numerous honors and grants. Dr. Huang also sees patients in our Pasadena offices.

When among colleagues at Doheny, we are fortunate to know we are surrounded by a cohort of genuine experts and innovators in the field. A very special congratulations to Dr. Huang, as this distinction is voted on by fellow ophthalmologists and connotes that he is held in highest esteem among our peers internationally.


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