Beaming Knowledge

SriniVas Sadda, MD
President & Chief Scientific Officer

One way in which technology is transforming ophthalmology that I find particularly encouraging is the inclusion of international colleagues in high-level training and discourse via live streams and webinars.

Earlier this summer, I joined many of our colleagues in Estoril, Portugal, for the European School for Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology (ESASO) Retina Academy conference. This annual gathering offers robust learning opportunities in both workshops and casual encounters. It’s the kind of conference that is staked in scientific exchange; and, that exchange goes way beyond what happens on site, because thousands of doctors and ophthalmologic care givers in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas joined us via webcast. Thanks to the internet, colleagues both on site and live streaming benefit from the Master Classes, workshops on imaging and diagnosis management techniques, and clinical case sessions.

Including as many doctors as possible in presentations and conversations about the latest research and approaches to curing eye disease is significant. Patients everywhere deserve doctors who are armed with the most current knowledge; and likewise, all of us endeavoring in labs and clinics around the world benefit from current data from the field.

Advances in technology lead us into exciting innovations in lab techniques, clinical approaches and tools- -and I believe those advances are truly most meaningful when shared globally.


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