Behind the Scenes at DEI: Marissa Goldberg Makes It Happen

SriniVas Sadda, MD

President & Chief Scientific Officer

Doheny Eye Institute is positioned as a world leader in ophthalmologic research and care delivery for at least three key reasons: our excellent infrastructure and environment, hunger for innovation, and our global reach. My colleague, DEI Executive Director Marissa Goldberg, is key to these operations and to the visionary work of this institution in many ways. In short, she makes it happen.

Having worked alongside the late Dr. Stephen Ryan for more than two decades, Marissa knows and, in some cases, helped build DEI’s systems and strategic goals –keeping us at the forefront of eye care. She is deeply passionate about trying to make a difference. She understands that red tape slows innovation, and she cares about eliminating barriers to research and patient care delivery. She knows where and how to look for funding to make the plans and dreams we Doheny doctors have for our patients become reality.

At the Doheny Eye Institute, we thrive by attracting the best people to study, share research and provide care. It is my good fortune in guiding this great institution to know that our operations and reputation are founded in Marissa’s ongoing stewardship.

Our researchers are busy, both in our labs and in collaboration with our colleagues at UCLA Stein Eye Institute. Watch this space for more details and updates in coming weeks and months.


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