Now See This: Doheny’s Chinese Partners Unveil Newest Eye Hospital

SriniVas Sadda, MD

Director, Artificial Intelligence
Professor of Ophthalmology, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

Last month, I travelled to Guangzhou, China to celebrate the opening of the image reading center at the Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center with our colleagues there. When you see the size and scope of this eye hospital’s operation, it is continuously impressive. Each day Xin Shan’s clinics serve thousands of patients. As many ophthalmologic procedures in China are in-patient, many of the hospital rooms houses three or four patients. That density makes the caliber of patient care that much more remarkable, and made witnessing the opening of this 27-floor ophthalmic facility equipped with state of the art technology seem genuinely monumental. At the Doheny Eye Institute, we are also pleased to be a part of the backstory.

For over a year prior to this launch, DEI hosted Dr. Yan Luo, who spent a year observing how we handle and analyze retinal images. She spent much of her time in close collaboration with Daniel Katz, our Administrative Director at the Doheny Image Reading Center, as well as other key reading center personnel. Actively sharing this expertise is central to our purpose and our values at DEI.

We understand that working to strengthen an international collaboration of experts who can join us in the advancement of ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment is vital.
At Zhongshan, the capacity to train a growing cohort of specialists to read images means that patients and clinical research there will benefit from consistently superior diagnostics, which is absolutely key to appropriate and effective treatment. The trip also reinforced my belief that relationships matter much in our work: Daniel was able to join me in China to see the realization of this impressive new facility—with many systems in place that we envisioned together in Los Angeles.

The opening of Zhongshan’s reading center brings to focus the power of global collaborations. Of course, we sleep while China is awake, and vice versa allowing reading center work to continue uninterrupted around the clock. This can greatly accelerate the efficiency of image and data analysis needed for trials and other studies.

I hope you’ll watch this space for frequent updates on where Doheny Eye Institute is headed. My work allows me to peek into labs, visit colleagues and facilities around the globe, and enjoy the company of innovative thinkers advancing our work together. I look forward to sharing my insights with you.


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