IRIS: A New Look at Science and Engineering Advances

SriniVas Sadda, MD

Director, Artificial Intelligence
Professor of Ophthalmology, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

As my colleagues and I appreciate a growing understanding that imaging matters more than ever, it is my great pleasure to share the news that Doheny Eye Institute and UCLA Stein Eye Institute have collaborated to support the  launch of the International Retinal Imaging Society, or IRIS. At our first IRIS Executive Committee meeting in Paris, France in early July, we explored the scope of our work and our goals together.

We are fortunate that in the quest to cure eye disease through research and treatment, many organizations provide on-going platforms and annual conferences for collaborative work.

So the mandate of this organization is very intentional, with an emphasis on engineering and science, embracing a truly global perspective. We have landed on this focused mission because in conversations with colleagues over the past few years, I frequently found that often we were circling back to the reality that many of the exchanges on retinal health don’t include enough cutting edge, interdisciplinary science and engineering intelligence and work.

Today, as we clearly see the expanding role of imaging and diagnostics adding precision to our work and to patient care, we know the science is crucial and should be a part of the conversation in field.

In the coming months and years, I look forward to sharing with you updates on our activities, our innovations and our advances as the work progresses. I am always mindful that our partnership with UCLA and our generous supporters make this work possible and profoundly meaningful to patients at Doheny and around the world.


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