Mission to Mongolia

SriniVas Sadda, MD

President & Chief Scientific Officer

Last month, two of our colleagues, Dr. Olivia Lee and Dr. Laura Vickers, made an extraordinary trip to Mongolia, where they performed corneal transplant surgeries on several patients, including a three-month-old boy. The trip resulted in restored eyesight for many and an exchange of information between doctors that can mean so much for patients in the future.

Even in the Mongolian capital of Ulanbataar, such ophthalmologic procedures simply have not been available. Those suffering with cornea disease or injury are blind. Over a week, our doctors evaluated patients, performed surgeries and trained 16 local doctors on how to perform the surgeries and, even more, to provide appropriate after care. They held talks for doctors across the region, inviting questions and conversation.

The entire trip was captured beautifully with pictures and vivid blog posts by Dr. Lee and Dr. Vickers that will inspire you and will serve to remind us all of the work Doheny is actively engaged in with partners around the world.

I am proud of all of our doctors’ work in the field, whether in clinics in Los Angeles County or in remote corners of Asia. The skills, competence and concern Doheny doctors share impacts thousands of lives. The mission to Mongolia is an excellent reminder that your support of our efforts sustains meaningful work and collaboration with those working to restore vision near and far, today, and well into the future.

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