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SriniVas Sadda, MD

President & Chief Scientific Officer

Welcome to The President’s Corner and my first message as the new President and Chief Scientific Officer of the Doheny Eye Institute.

I am grateful to the search committee members and Doheny board chair Ed Landry for appointing me to this august post. All the candidates for the position are extraordinarily talented ophthalmology leaders. I’m humbled to be selected to follow in the footsteps of Doheny’s founding president and leader, Dr. Stephen J. Ryan.

Dr. Ryan launched a tradition of excellence at Doheny; he established an environment for learning, growth, and leadership and a freedom for making great discoveries; he created a dazzling institution; and he was my mentor from the time I arrived at Doheny in 2002. I fully intend to apply his model of relentless work in the name of conserving, improving, and restoring human eyesight. It takes a team effort, and we have a great team at Doheny of super-bright and talented scientists, physicians, staff, and volunteers. Scientifically, technologically, and clinically we are world class. True and fortunately, we are LA-based and UCLA-affiliated, but we are also members of the international community of ophthalmologists and vision scientists who are similarly passionate about seeking cures for diseases that limit sight.

I’ll be using The President’s Corner to describe specific Doheny initiatives and gains. My vision is to make Doheny Eye Institute the greatest eye center in the world. I’ll be sharing ways we’re moving the needle forward. Your response is always welcome.


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