Your Vision for Doheny

SriniVas Sadda, MD

President & Chief Scientific Officer

When I share information in this space, I realize that I am dominating the conversation about advances and innovations at Doheny Eye Institute.

The truth is, your vision for Doheny makes it all possible. In honor of our friends, this post is about you, all of you who care about our work and support our efforts generously throughout the year.

Doheny Eye Institute pioneers in research and treatment that has a profound impact on thousands of lives around the world every year. The work that we do makes it possible for people to see, to live independently, and to enjoy life. Our work spans from infant care to working towards solutions and cures for elderly patients, as well as making sure those in the prime of their lives can reach their potential.

In 2017, the Doheny Eye Institute celebrates 70 years at the forefront of ophtalmologic advances and care. Our story is beautifully told in A Clear Vision: The History of the Doheny Eye Institute 1947 – 2017

This illustrated coffee table book traces the origins of the Doheny Eye Institute with an intriguing collection of vintage photographs, documents, and our evolving story through the present day.

I hope you will consider an end of year gift to Doheny. Your vision drives our work here. We look forward to sending you a copy of this keepsake book as thanks for your kind support.


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