Doheny Eye Institute CEO Marissa Goldberg and Chief Scientific Officer Deborah A. Ferrington, PhD, Recognized for Leadership by the Los Angeles Business Journal


April 2023

The momentum is building as Doheny Eye Institute continues to see a growing spotlight for its contributions to ocular research, exemplified by recent accolades for CEO Marissa Goldberg and Chief Scientific Officer Deborah Ferrington, PhD, from the Los Angeles Business Journal (LABJ).

On Wednesday, April 19, Ms. Goldberg was recognized as the Non-Profit Executive of the Year during the LABJ Non-Profit & Corporate Citizenship Awards. Ms. Goldberg was in esteemed company alongside other area non-profit and community leaders who were honored for their amazing work, along with the corporate citizens and businesses that support them.

During her thank you remarks, Ms. Goldberg acknowledged several achievements of Doheny scientists and clinician-scientists, and also noted, “As a non-profit, we rely on grants and fundraising efforts to continue our groundbreaking vision research. We are tremendously grateful for the hard work of our scientists and staff, and we are especially thankful to our incredible network of supporters for their generosity and unwavering support.”

She continued, “Doheny’s success has been made possible through collaboration.  Our future is bright and I feel privileged to help lead this effort.”

During her three-decade career at Doheny, Ms. Goldberg held a variety of roles including Human Resources Director, Quality Improvement Coach, CAO, Vice President, COO, and Executive Director before being named CEO.

Today, Doheny Eye Institute continues to attract top vision scientists in large part due to Ms. Goldberg’s leadership. With her guidance and support, along with her commitment to securing and growing endowments that fund the important work of Doheny, the incredible team of researchers and clinician-scientists continue to make transformative discoveries. In just the last few years alone, Doheny scientists have developed novel eye imaging equipment and computer-based retinal image analysis, implanted the first successful retinal prosthesis, identified retinal biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease and developed multiple animal models of ocular disease – with groundbreaking research continuing every day.

On the heels of this recognition, Ms. Goldberg and Dr. Ferrington were also recognized this week as Women of Influence: Health Care 2023. The health care leaders included on this list were chosen by the LABJ for exceptional stewardship and achievement across the full spectrum of responsibility, exemplary leadership as evidenced by the highest professional and ethical standards, and for contributions to the health and wellbeing of the Los Angeles community at large.

Ms. Goldberg was recognized by LABJ for her longstanding commitment to supporting the mission of Doheny, which ultimately benefits people in the Los Angeles community and around the world. More details on what makes Marissa Goldberg a Woman of Influence can be found here.

Though she’s only been a member of the Los Angeles community for one year, Dr. Ferrington was a stand-out for her decades of important research on age-related macular degeneration (AMD) which could eventually lead to a “personalized medicine” approach to AMD. Read more about Dr. Ferrington’s achievements at this link.

Commenting on this recognition, Dr. Ferrington remarked, “I am energized every day by the brilliant Doheny scientists and clinician-scientists who all work toward the common goal to conserve, preserve and restore eyesight in humans. We are doing important work, and to be recognized for my part in contributing to the larger health care landscape is an honor.”

With this wonderful recognition for two of our outstanding Doheny leaders, Doheny Eye Institute was well represented throughout the most recent print issue of the LABJ and on its website.

The momentum at Doheny is stronger than ever, and we are so grateful to have impactful, visionary leadership who continue to guide Doheny to soaring new heights.


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