Dec 12, 2023

Physicians Weekly: Aqueous Shunts with Extraocular Reservoir for Open-Angle Adult Glaucoma: A Report by the American Academy of Ophthalmology

CONTRIBUTORS: Vikas Chopra, Hana L. Takusagawa, Jullia A. Rosdahl, Arthur J. Sit, Grace M Richter, Yvonne Ou, Stephen J. Kim, Darrell WuDunn

To evaluate the recently published literature on the efficacy and safety of the use of aqueous shunts with extraocular reservoir for the management of adult open-angle glaucomas (OAGs).

A search of peer-reviewed literature was last conducted in April 2023 of the PubMed database and included only articles published since the last aqueous shunt Ophthalmic Technology Assessment, which assessed articles published before 2008. The abstracts of these 419 articles were examined, and 58 studies were selected for full-text analysis. After inclusion and exclusion criteria were applied, 28 articles were selected and assigned ratings by the panel methodologist according to the level of evidence. Twenty-five articles were rated level I and 3 articles were rated level II. There were no level III articles.

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