New Glaucoma Surgery Tailored to Each Patient’s Anatomy

Doheny Eye Institute’s Alex Huang, MD / PhD, has received a prestigious Research to Prevent Blindness Career Development Grant (2015). His work at the frontiers of customized surgery for glaucoma patients is poised to change approaches to treatment internationally. The impact of Dr. Huang’s work is more than global — listen to him talk about his pending research with NASA.

Gene Therapy Today

Dr. Alfredo Sadun explains the latest advances and applications of gene therapy for treating diseases of the eye.

Mission to Mongolia

A conversation with Dr. Olivia Lee and Dr. Laura Vickers talking about their recent trip to Mongolia, where they performed six corneal transplant surgeries and trained colleagues in surgical techniques and follow up care.

Dr. SriniVas Sadda (Part 2)

Advances in curing eye disease rely on collaborations and critical communication among colleagues around the globe.

Dr. Brian Francis

Dr. Francis discusses the art and science of eye surgery, compassionate patient care and advances in nano-technology for eye patients.

Dr. Ali Khan

A conversation with Dr. Ali Khan, retinal surgery specialist, former retina patient, and winner of the New MD Writer’s Award presented at the 2016 American Academy of Ophthalmology conference in Chicago.

Laurie Levin

A conversation with Laurie Levin, author of A Clear Vision, published in celebration of Doheny Eye Institute’s 70th Anniversary in 2017.

Dr. Michael Ip

A conversation with Dr. Michael Ip, Medical Director of the Doheny Image Reading Center, about the critical importance of images, innovation and analysis in improving outcomes for eye patients.

Dr. Emily Chew

A conversation with Dr. Emily Chew, deputy director of the Division of Epidemiology and Clinical Applications and the deputy clinical director at the National Eye Institute at the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Chew directs studies about the links between diet and...

Dr. Benjamin Bert

Dr. Bert is interested in convening conversations across medical disciplines, and is currently designing a trial to make patients undergoing injectable retina treatment more comfortable.

Dr. Monica Khitri

A conversation with Dr. Monica Khitri about treatment for the very youngest of children facing compromised vision and eye health challenges. Dr. Khitri discusses surgery options for infants, eyeglasses for toddlers, and her work guiding parents in making choices for...

Dr. John Irvine

A conversation with Dr. John Irvine about topics and presenters featured at this year’s Doheny Days gathering, and the enduring relevance of Continuing Medical Education as critical to informing the work of ophthalmologists at the frontiers of research and patient...

Dr. Kenneth Lu

A conversation with Dr. Kenneth Lu, a cataract surgeon, and founder of the Doheny Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference, helping innovators in vision care bring their ideas out of the lab and into the marketplace.

Janet DeMint

A conversation with Janet DeMint, director of the Ryan Initiative for Macular Research, a program of the Doheny Eye Institute. DeMint describes the impact the Initiative is having by bringing together scientists with expertise in ophthalmology, stem cell research, and...

Dr. Anne Coleman

A conversation with Dr. Anne Coleman of the Stein Eye Institute. Her work addresses issues faced by special populations, including children who visit the UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic, which she directs. Dr. Coleman is also focused on slowing the progression of macular...

Dr. Alex Huang

A conversation with Dr. Alex Huang, a convener of the 2nd Annual Doheny-UCLA International Glaucoma Symposium in Los Angeles coming up in October. We discuss hot topics in glaucoma research, and the dynamic regulatory environment. Plus insights into Dr. Huang’s...

Dr. Hugo Hsu

A conversation with Dr. Hugo Hsu. Dr. Hsu is an accomplished cornea specialist in his work with patients. Now, he is on the cusp of some very innovative research in the microbiome of the eye’s surface, looking for more clues to curing eye disease.

Dr. Tara McCannel

A conversation with ocular cancer specialist Dr. Tara McCannel, Director of the Ophthalmic Oncology Center at UCLA. Dr. McCannel discusses the evolving technology allowing for earlier detection of small cancers, and how UCLA doctors developed procedures to...

Dr. David Sarraf

A conversation about emerging imaging technologies in vision care with Dr. David Sarraf of the UCLA Stein Eye Institute. A retina specialist, Dr. Sarraf is a frequent collaborator with Doheny’s Dr. SriniVas Sadda. He talks about how they work together guiding...

James Jorkasky & Dr. Alex Huang

A conversation about vision science research funding with James Jorkasky, Executive Director of the National Alliance of Eye and Vision Research in Washington, D.C., and Doheny-UCLA’s, Dr. Alex Huang. I urge you to listen here!

Mission to Mexico

A conversation with Dr. Brian Francis, a Doheny glaucoma specialist who recently visited Fuerte, Mexico, where he performed dozens of pro bono surgeries for patients at a rural clinic. Many of those he helped traveled hundreds of miles and many days for the chance to...

Ken Marion

A conversation with Ken Marion, Director of Research at the Doheny Image Reading Center Research Lab. Insights into how Doheny collaborates with medical device makers and other industry innovators, conducts state of the art imaging research and hosts an international...

Olivia Lee

How one savvy patient partnered with a Doheny doctor to pursue cutting edge treatment to save her sight.  A conversation with television producer Lauren Dascher, and Dr. Olivia Lee.

Dr. David Garway-Heath and Dr. Alex Huang

David Garway-Heath, MD, FRCOphth, President of the European Glaucoma Society, and Alex Huang, MD, PhD discuss how advances in technology and collaboration continuously enhance patient care globally.

Dr. Steven Barnes

Dr. Steven Barnes, Doheny-UCLA retina neurobiology expert, shares how the cells in the retina are vital to show disease and its progression. His work to study these cells and the signals they provide will allow physicians to deliver earlier treatments for those with...

Dr. Alfredo Sadun

A conversation about clinical trials with Dr. Alfredo Sadun. Patients in treatment often ask about participation in these drug tests. Dr. Sadun explains how doctors and researchers decide who makes a good candidate for a clinical trial, how to ensure a trial is...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Doheny

Learn about AI as an emerging and exciting tool to aid in diagnosing ocular disease as well as its capabilities to link disease prevention, treatment and patient outcomes. The conversation with Dr. Vas Sadda, Doheny’s President and Chief Scientific Officer, and Dr....

Corneal Cross-Linking and its Potential Promise

A conversation with Dr. Benjamin Bert, and Doheny-UCLA clinical fellow, Dr. Arpine Barsegian about corneal collagen cross-linking, a breakthrough procedure for patients with thinning corneas. This new treatment is often so effective that cornea transplant surgery can...

Innovations in the Treatment of Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy

A conversation with Dr. Micheal Ip, Director of the Doheny Image Reading Center, and Dr. Gemmy Cheung, head of the Retina Research Group at the Singapore Eye Research Institute. The doctors discuss innovations in the treatment of PCV ahead of the International Retinal...

Treating Cancer Patients with Eye Disease

In this conversation, Dr. Olivia Lee and Dr. John Irvine discuss the collaboration between Doheny Eye Institute and City of Hope, consulting on graft-vs-host disease (GVHD) in patients suffering from symptoms that affect their eyesight.

Dr. SriniVas Sadda and Dr. Deborah Ferrington

A conversation with Doheny Eye Institute’s Dr. Vas Sadda and Dr. Deborah Ferrington about the work of the Ryan Initiative for Macular Research ahead of RIMR’s 12th annual conference.

Dr. Anne Coleman

The Doheny Podcast Network returns with this conversation with glaucoma specialist Dr. Anne Coleman of UCLA Stein Eye Institute. Dr. Coleman talks about her year as President of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, how it is...

Dr. Kaustabh Ghosh

In this episode of the Doheny Podcast Network, a conversation with Doheny researcher, Dr. Kaustabh Ghosh. He talks about his expertise in biomechanics and how tackling big questions in cardiac care led him to ophthalmology, where he is leading an innovative lab.