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Carrie Estelle Doheny

Carrie Estelle Betzold was born in Philadelphia on August 2, 1875, the daughter of German immigrants. After moving to Los Angeles, she married oil tycoon Edward Doheny in 1900. A devout Roman Catholic, Mrs. Doheny dedicated her life to philanthropy, funding schools, churches and hospitals.

Yuhua-Zhang Joins Doheny Eye Institute

Doheny and UCLA Stein Eye Institutes are excited to announce the arrival of optical engineer and retinal imaging specialist Yuhua Zhang, PhD, to the scientific faculty.

Doheny Eye Institute Announces New Headquarters in Pasadena

Doheny Eye Institute, a top-ranked nonprofit organization proudly affiliated with UCLA Stein Eye Institute and dedicated to furthering the conservation, improvement and restoration of human eyesight since 1947, is pleased to announce the purchase of its new headquarters in Pasadena.

Deming Sun, MD, Awarded Endowed Research Chair

Doheny Eye Institute is proud to announce that Deming Sun, MD has been awarded the Mary D. Allen Endowed Chair in Vision Research. This prestigious faculty position is supported by the generous gift made to the Institute by Mrs. Allen in 1990.